Rater Graphics

The bitmap graphics, or raster graphics (bitmap graphics, raster graphics) is a technique to describe a digital-format image. An image described with this kind of graphics it is called bitmap image or raster image. Bitmap graphics is opposed to the vectorial graphics.

Customized Graphics

LANGA PRINT’s creatives will study the most suitable graphics for your needs! Digital creation for small format printing (business cards, flyers, playbills, brochures, labels…)

Raster graphics…

The term “raster” (weft, reticulate, grid) in computer graphics field identifies the orthogonal dot grid which forms a raster image. The image is seen as a chessboard and every element of it (pixel) is associated to a specific colour. In professional printing and typography is used the CMYK colour method, on the monitor is used the RGB method.

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Digital Creation

The graphic team inside LANGA PRINT makes drafts that he will develop with special advanced graphics programs like Adobe Photoshop for photo editing, post production images and InDesign for catalogs layout, magazine, brochure, books. All will then be sent in prepress and then imprinted on the paper.


Raster Graphics has two properties: resolution and embossment. The first one is defined by the number of pixels inside the considered unit of measure and it is measured in DRI (Dots Per Inches). The second one is defined by the memory dedicated to every pixel and it is measured in BPP (Bit Per Pixels): the higher the numer of the bits, the higher the numer of colours. Raster graphics is ideal for digital photography, in order to edit its contrasts, brightness and colour filter application.

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Files and Formats

LANGA PRINT utilizza programmi per la grafica i cui formati supportano qualsiasi tipo di lavorazione. The most common raster formats are: RAW formats or not compressed ones (RAW, BMP). Formats with losslss compression (PNG, TGA, TIFF, GIF). Formats with lossy compression (JPEG, GIFF). The raster data can be stored through files typologies with different compressions, weighting differently on the storage support.