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To those who have always thought,
looking at a poster, "what a brilliant idea, I wish I had it first".

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Graphic projects for companies. We create something meaningful for your digital identity.

We represent an ambitious team of graphic designers who range in digital technologies using the most advanced software on the market. We perform unique processes in order to release emotions to those who use and read them.

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We love what we do.


To those who have never thought, looking at a poster or a commercial “What a brilliant idea, I wish I had it first!” Starting from here the big question arises: are creatives born or made? The young minds of LANGA Studios are convinced that creativity is a skill and every individual has different mental processes. There are more gifted people than others but, if all the subjects are submitted to the right inputs, they can improve their "estrus" and work in a team made of real professionals.

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Creative graphics

The studios carry out Corporate Identity projects for ultra-professional company presentations, all made with cutting-edge techniques and software. Artists and experts in the field of graphic design will be able to give life to your projects and the printing partners will make them be born during the printing phase.


Having had active contacts with numerous printing partners for a long time, the studios are able to provide a 360° consultation for the graphics’ printing phase. We coordinate with our typographic collaborators to create effective and successful communication projects.

Rules are what artists break. What is memorable does not come from a formula.

Creativity is all we are.LANGA Graphic Designers

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