What is the best free photo editor?

Like most of us, you likely have hundreds of pictures stored on your phone or your camera’s SD. Most of them probably look okay, but with a free photo editor and a little time you can transform them into something amazing. These are the best free photo editor!

The first one is Gimp. A free photo editor that’s a worthy rival to professional premium software. I love this editor because it’s very simple to use and you can create something amazing starting with a simple image or photo. GIMP is an open source free photo editor, and its community of users and developers have created a huge collection of plugins to extend its utility even further.

In the second place we find Paint.net. Fine manual controls packaged in an accessible interface. This editor has a very clean and intuitive interface, it’s not very hard to use and has support for external plugins.It might not have every feature you can dream of, but if your machine is a little underpowered we can’t think of a better free photo editor.

Third. Photo Pos Pro. A superb photo editor that takes many of its cues from Photoshop. I like this editor for its minimal interface. It isn’t as well known as Paint.net and GIMP, but it’s another top-quality free photo editor that’s packed with advanced image-enhancing tools.

Next up is PhotoScape. It might look like a rather simple free photo editor, but take a look at its main menu and you’ll find a wealth of features: raw conversion, photo splitting and merging, animated GIF creation. PhotoScape’s filters are functional and not at all beginner-like, so it’s if good choice if you need to quickly level, sharpen or add mild filtering to pictures in a snap.

And, last but not least, Fotor. One-click photo enhancement tools and advanced manual controls. Fotor is more a photo enhancer than a full-fat manual editing tool. If there’s specific area of retouching you need doing with, say, the clone brush or healing tool, you’re out of luck. However, if your needs are simple, its stack of high-end filters that really do shine.