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Choose your kit by means of our graphic proposals, with our graphics you can present yourself with style on any occasion.

By means of a graphic department we are able to develop important digital solutions to represent the ideas and stylistic concepts of each company. We shape creative graphics that manage to capture the attention of anyone who observes the digital service and excite them. We have equipped our graphics department with the most advanced digital technologies on the market to allow your ideas to always range without limits.

Through the use of raster graphics programs we are able to create captivating graphics and ultra professional photo retouching.
Through the use of software that manages vector graphics, we can create top notch logos and graphic projects, never grainy.
Layout is very important to us. With the pagination programs we are able to give the right weight to images, titles and paragraphs.

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your business

Thanks to the %DIGITAL package your business will be highly competitive. Skills and talents of your business will be represented through a new digital graphics. The customized development of company logos, the design of kit elements, the creation of business cards and the illustrative elaborations represent the basic processes of a brand identity developed according to the stylistic canons of the moment.

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The processes are developed considering each project always and only as unique for each activity. A graphic presentation that conveys an aesthetic content capable of thrilling the observer, but above all of representing the company that needs it. The molded graphics are studied at the table on the basis of contemporary fashion canons, all in order to have a visual presence that distinguishes you.


We concentrate our energies of each creative graphic designer so that your project can make a difference and above all be really useful to represent you. Our working system, or rather, our method will guarantee you a suitable graphic set, to always present yourself professionally in the eyes of your audience. With% DIGITAL we will develop a new graphic identity for you that will help you present yourself in a professional manner.


Based on both your requests and the stylistic ideas of our graphic designers, you will be able to recognize your ideal presentation cut. With it you will have a new communicative approach both with your suppliers and with your customers, for an innovative image of great value and seriousness. The use of multiple graphic tools and a professional analysis path helps us to redefine your ideas, always offering you a successful image.

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otherwise you go to hell…

We are joking! In any case, if you are tired of incapable graphic designers and “creatives” we suggest you to purchase a %DIGITAL package directly from our Store. If what you have seen is not for you then you will never know what it means to own one of our products. We wish you the best for your business.

Included tools

Each %DIGITAL graphic kit includes tools that will allow you to present your business in the digital world.

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Technical consultancy

For the work progress already undertaken with LANGA, you can receive free technical assistance throughout the set up period or during the assistance extension.

We remind you of the technical department number for:

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