Graphic design is the visual part of communication.

From brand design to corporate identity. Strategy, creativity and production for your brand.

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      The design’s always at the  center.

      Our team of designers has only one goal: to represent customer requests in an innovative and effective way, thanks to techniques and skills acquired through years of hard work and commitment. The final result is composed of visually striking works that are graphically treated in every detail.

      Successful graphic designs.

      In several years of work, the studios have dealt with several companies that presented themselves to their public with an image that was, to put it mildly, wrong and completely misaligned with their “being”. The goal of LANGA creatives has always been to represent your identity in a completely new and original way.


      This is what our graphic designers maintain throughout their entire creative process. The goal is to stay simple to create something captivating and original.


      This is what our creative team manages to put at the end of every graphic project. For a successful communication strategy it is essential to use distinctive elements that no one else has yet used. The goal is to make the viewer say “wow!”


      Coherence is an important factor for a company’s image. Without that, it isn’t possible to have a visual identity and therefore start a project. Being consistent is very important for a designer, and this feature affects very often 80% of the project.


      A graphic designer must know how to visualize a project, before he starts working on it by using professional tools.

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      What differentiates a beautiful, correctly paginated and with simple and understandable texts advertising campaign, from a great advertising campaign is the concept, that is the conceptual sketch of the idea in an embryonic stage. This will then become the definitive message and it can decide if the advertising campaing will be successful or not, together with other factors.

      There are advertising campaigns that are based exclusively on the realization and the aesthetic part. They surely are beautiful and fine in themselves, but with no idea.

      For a good communication the aesthetics are not enough. It's what you have inside your head that matters.

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      Technically ready

      Raster graphics, vector graphics for printing … no one can stop us now. We use unusual graphic softwares to finalize your projects and make them more and more creative. We develop raster and vector drawings using alternative software in order to satisfy every type of customer, even the most demanding.


      Raster graphic design

      The graphic designers of our Studios use this technology mainly in the photographic field or for the small format.

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      Vector graphic design

      LANGA designers use it for better rendering in the press phase and on large format.

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