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What does Corporate Identity mean?

It is a cohesive and uniform graphic project (more precisely, graphic outfit), applicable on all paper-based supports and it can be used for the promotion of the brand for its products and more. From this point of view, letterheads, business cards, gadgets, flyers, brochures and catalogs must be made in a consistent manner so that everythings would recall to the same brand.

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A good Corporate Identity project cannot start unless a preliminary market survey is made, to highlight the potential of marketing applied to design and graphic art.

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How can you capture the customer's attention with the help of graphic arts? By asking a team of professionals and designers that for years continues to create creative solutions for their clients' business.

Not having a graphic outfit is the equivalent of being naked.

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Here you can find the primary elements of this art.

Logo design

Design and planning of a brand, which excels in originality and quality of graphic and typographic design.

Type Design

It means choosing a typeface for the brand, used to compose brand logos and/or texts.

Product identity

Development of an identity system for a product or service brand, complete in every step.

Retail Identity

Development of an identity system for a brand (stores, sales points, digital signage).

Identity Manual

Development of regulatory manuals for the application of a trademark or guidelines for an entire identity system.

Literature Design

Development of graphic projects related to paper communication: letterhead, invitations, calendars, business cards, brochures and catalogs.

Publishing Design

Development of graphic projects exclusively for public or sector publishing, such as: magazines, newspapers, books, magazines, etc.

Exhibition Design

Signage and exhibition system designs for airports, stations, hotels, restaurants and fast food outlets, exhibition stands, exhibitions, exhibitions, live events.

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A company, to be defined as such, must have a graphic outfit that represents it.

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