Wine labels design

A new graphic design was developed by LANGA Studios. This time the Eredi Canonica company, realizing that it had very dated and out of date labels, has decided to rely on the creatives of our department to totally renew them. The client asked to give a new look to the “fisherman’s line” (including a white wine and a rosé wine) that could be relaunched on the market. The graphic designers of the Studios created then a nice stylized little fish that appears on the left side of the white bottle and then runs off the rosé bottle, showing only the tail.

In addition, a fishing hook and a wine stain were added to the wine label background. The Customer, satisfied with the work done, over having completely new labels, has now also got a little story to tell during the sale phase.

Colori utilizzati


Lemon yellow




Pure white


Fonts used

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Josefine Sans 600 – for the words “bianco” and “rosè”

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Josefine Sans 400 – for the words “del pescatore”