Logo history

1900s / 1930s – The beginning of branding:
Registered brands became popular in the early 1900s, ie when the concept of brand and logo began to become more consistent. Even here, with rare exceptions (Pepsi-Cola, United Airlines), most of the logos were in black and white …

1940s – Color arrives:
The decade that was marked by the end of the Second World War and the launch of the first television announcement was also the period in which color in the logos became the norm, rather than the exception. The concept of “color psychology” began to spread. The Shell logo, for example, relied on yellow and red (the colors of Spain) to meet the favor of the numerous settlers of those lands present at the time in California.

1950s – The design is aerodynamic:
In the 1950s many logos were subjected to an elegant update of the brand, and a more aerodynamic appearance took the place of angular shapes and angular profiles. The Coca-Cola logo evolved and turned into the version that is so familiar to us today.

1960s – The era of “television” logos:
Around 1960, when color television began to gain popularity (although in Italy it came slightly later), advertisers and marketing experts began to adapt to that trend by choosing impact vector logos that would be effective even on the small screen.