Photography is nothing more than a simple instant, a moment that becomes eternal.

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A beautiful photograph tells a story, reveals a place, an event, a state of mind, and is more powerful than tons of written pages.

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    We are photographic artists.

    The beauty of an image and the sensations that a photographic shot succeeds in transmitting are various. They change from person to person and, to reach perfection, a single absolute parameter cannot exist.

    It’s clear that, by “constructing” the photographs on the basis of certain rules and by correctly setting up the cameras (exposure, depth of field, colors, lights, …) it’s possible to obtain that “extra value” that transforms any image in a really professional shot.

    Great spaces

    We have pose rooms where you can directly create different types of photo shoots. We provide our Clients with expert photographers, who will take care of your images even in the post-production phase.

    Professional equipment

    LANGA Studios have a state-of-the-art equipment for unsurpassed detail definition. Our photographs are always in 4K format.

    Advertising photographs

    We create advertising photographs for food, still life, fashion, industrial, portrait and reportage. Everything is related to your brand and what you want to communicate as a company.

    Study of the subjects

    The subject is the heart of a photograph and it needs to be represented in a personalized way. Our Studios' photographers will be able to find the right photographic style to better show your products.

    Fotografie aziendali per industria
    Fotografie professionali per aziende
    Fotografie per chef stellati
    Fotografie professionali per aziende
    Foto aziendali professionali

    A beautiful photograph tells a story, reveals a place, an event, a state of mind, it's a very powerful media.

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    We immortalize moments

    Photography derives from the Greek words photos and graphia, and it means “to write with the light”.

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    After each photo shoot, the Studios begin the image selection and post-production phase. Our technicians choose the best photographs and use advanced post-production programs to adjust them, using special filters or increasing the brightness of the images. At the end of the work the technicians will send the final result in different file formats.


    In our Studios, the photographer will select the best images, rejecting the moving ones or those with errors during the shooting phase. The work does not end on the photo shoot day, but continues in the following weeks thanks to special softwares.


    On the photographs taken, adjustments are made such as sharpness, contrast, color balance, tonal values, HDR toning, exposure improvement … Once post-produced, the images are presented to the customer and saved on a storage device.