Advertising banners

Communicate on large formats.

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    Design of slogans and promotional messages.

    No size limit for our designers’ creativity. Trust the ideas of the LANGA graphic designers and the decades-long experience of our print partners for your banners. Give strength to your communication with non-adhesive media for outdoor applications.

    Do you want to attend an event but you haven’t found the right kit yet? Rely on creative LANGA studios for the design of promotional messages to be printed on large format banners.

    Communicate what you are and what you want to sell in meters and meters of space.

    Optimum color rendering and long-lasting printing.

    PrinterLANGA PRINT Partner


    Discover the %PRINT package. Many associations and companies have already purchased this service. With %PRINT can be included the creation of promotional messages and slogans for advertising banners to be exhibited during fairs and events.

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    Thanks to our printing partners we are able to provide a wide selection of banners for promotional purposes. Discover them now.

    Grafica per striscioni pubblicitari

    PVC banners

    Versatile and durable

    Versatile and very weather-resistant vinyl sheet, ideal for various uses. Creative illustrations and impact graphics are assured.
    Grafica per striscioni pubblicitari


    For short periods

    Creative ideas for temporary installations. We develop custom illustrations on materials suitable for roll-up printing, banners, displays. Easily disposable.
    Grafica per banner pubblicitari

    Micro perforated

    The most resistant

    One of the most resistant. Do you want to make our graphics last? Good! The microperforated PVC is able to withstand strong gusts of wind on scaffolding, scaffolding and large heights.
    Grafica per banner pubblicitari


    Make your promos stand out

    They ensure maximum visibility even in the most difficult climatic situations. Obviously the graphics must also be up to the situation. No problem, LANGA Studios are on it.