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    Outdoor advertising has costantly evolved over the years.

    With so many concepts, competition and new services and products to offer, companies must constantly think outside the box in order to develop ads that can capture the imagination of their target market. Advertising posters are one of the most common forms of outdoor announcements.

    Of course, creating a logo with a simple sentence below isn’t enough. We need to think of something different and captivating, that attracts the attention of the beholder in a few seconds. And here come LANGA creatives, a group of graphic designers ready to make drawings and illustrations up to that purpose.

    Printed on special paper, for outdoor billboards, they resist 2/3 months to the sun and to the bad weather. These products, if applied internally, have a duration of approximately 5 years.

    The formats range from a minimum of 100×70 cm to a maximum of 600×300 cm.

    PrinterLANGA PRINT Partner


    Discover the %PRINT package. Many companies and industries have already purchased this service. With %PRINT the development of an impact communication for posters and billboards of any kind can be included.

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    There are two types of advertising billboards. Discover them now! Graphics and creative illustrations for every type of slogan and message.

    Progettazione grafica manifesti

    Classic Posters

    Medium size

    For formats from 44×64 up to 120×160 cm, printed on 110g paper and resistant to atmospheric agents, usable on any type of surface. The creative designers will then develop the most suitable graphics, coordinating with the printing partners.
    Progettazione grafica manifesti

    Mega Posters

    Extremely large

    The PRINT division of the LANGA Studios creates creative files for large format billboards, printed on sun paper and weatherproof resistant paper. Make something original for an impact communication on bridges, buildings and roads.