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    Before starting with the graphic design of the contents you need to write a story.

    The story is very important and should not be underestimated. LANGA designers make creative works for the publication of leaflets, brochures and books based on the stories that are sent to the studios.

    Depending on the length and quantity of content, our graphic designers develop interesting artworks with a strong communicative impact, to fully capture the reader’s attention.

    Layout of brochures, leaflets and catalogs for companies that are looking for ultra professional presentations.

    Creative layouts for truly unique paper products.

    Graphic designerLANGA PRINT


    Discover the %PRINT package. Many activities have already approached this package. With this service we can provide graphic design and pre-press advice for the development of brochures, leaflets and catalogs.

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    Check out the individual products below. Brochures, leaflets and catalogs for publishing and high-level presentations.

    Progettazione grafica depliant


    Basic and simple.

    It's a printed and folded sheet that is distributed for advertising or propaganda purposes. It is usually used to quickly communicate products and services. Often the leaflet is confused with the brochure. In the brochure the pages are bound, in the brochure they aren't.
    Progettazione grafica brochure


    Rich presentations

    It consists of a limited number of 8/16 pages. It's used for stories and company stories, collecting images and texts that are particularly significant for the communication purpose in a limited space.
    Grafica per cataloghi aziendali


    Products and services

    Through the help of printer partners, the Studies develop customized catalogs. Lots of formats are available and all kinds of bindings (staple, fretted and milled paperback, metal spiral, paper-stitched paperback) are realized. We create personalized illustrations and bizarre ideas for creative publications. Usually the catalogs are used to professionally present products and services.