Business cards.

Present yourself in a few centimeters.

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    Who said that business cards must follow very specific standards?

    Never as today, this “old” but always current communication tool is able to open itself to the most various sizes and to the most particular formats, and the materials can also be different from the traditional paper.

    The art of people who know how to use business cards

    Business cards can be a fun way to present yourself or your company to people who do not yet know you. Thanks to the experience of creative graphic designers and qualified designers, LANGA Studios are able to produce impactful and avant-garde graphics, giving life to unique and particular supports.

    Enough of monotony and banality. The LANGA graphics will quickly produce unique and imaginative solutions

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    Discover the %DIGITAL package. Many companies, small businesses and individuals have already purchased it. Within this package, digital creation can be applied to small media just like your business cards.

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    Here are some types of business cards. Graphics and design created for every activity and person.

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    Paper cards

    The classic one

    Simple and beautiful. Available for fast and effective communication on one of the most used media in the world: the paper. Custom graphics based on customer requests.
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    Ennobled cards

    Choose elegance

    Present yourself in an elegant and stylish way using the ennobled prints provided by LANGA printing partners. Gold and silver laminations and 3D paints for truly unique results.
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    Folded cards

    For those who want to say more

    For a presentation to remember: give your story a double surface. Graphics and illustrations on twice the available surface.
    Progettazione grafica biglietti da visita

    Coupled cards

    Something more

    Composed of two layers of paper and a core of double colored cardboard. Available for those who love details.
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    Rounded notes

    Act differently

    Print the graphics of the studies on formats with rounded corners in order to avoid a rigid and too "severe" communication.
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    Ecological cards

    Respecting the environment

    As the studies adopt eco-sustainable policies, through the various printing partners there is the possibility of printing the graphics dwe eveloped on different types of recycled paper.