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Creative graphics design and development for personalized t-shirts, polos and sweatshirts.

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    Personalized clothing for fairs, events and business meetings.

    Promote your message or your company by wearing personalized shirts. With the LANGA Studios you can create original graphics and illustrations for all kinds of t-shirts. Make yourself known during crowded events, fairs and company meetings. Personalized graphics for T-shirts, polo shirts and sweatshirts.

    The three oldest art forms were architecture, cooking and clothing.

    Samuel Taylor ColeridgePhilosopher


    Discover the %EXHIBITION package. Many companies have already purchased it. The package can include graphic design of logos and illustrations for customized shirts, to be worn during corporate events or fairs.

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    Choose the most suitable clothing for your representation needs. LANGA graphic designers will give a creative touch to what you choose to wear.

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    Digital T-Shirts

    For every need

    It features an innovative direct printing method and water-based inks. Crazy graphics and authorial illustrations for an impact communication.
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    For customer approaches

    Design of logos and custom graphics for 100% cotton polo shirts in different colors and sizes.
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    Screen Printed Shirts

    Pure cotton

    Graphic design of designs and logos on sweaters and T-shirts in pure cotton.