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    Every product needs to be represented by a brand, that’s inevitable.

    Lo scopo dei creativi che lavorano presso gli studi LANGA è quello di eseguire grafiche d’impatto, per far spiccare i vostri prodotti sugli scaffali a discapito di quelli dei concorrenti. Da anni collaboriamo con aziende vinicole, mastri birrai e artigiani del cibo fornendo soluzioni comunicative efficaci ed originali.

    Picture yourself a shelf full of bottles with banal labels and illustrations, not very colorful and monotonous… no consumer would be encouraged to buy them. Here, our Studios’ precise task is to create something that your competitors do not have.

    Customized graphic design of labels for wine, spirits, beer and food in general.

    The label is the dress you give to your products. An anonymous label is useless.

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    Discover the %PRINT package. Many wineries and breweries have already purchased this service. With %PRINT you can also have creative graphics for all types of labels.

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    Find out which of the following labels is for you! Customized illustrations and graphics.

    Design etichette personalizzate

    Cosmetic labels

    Finesse and elegance

    Ultra-adhesive and extremely resistant. Ideal for marking products and jars for body care. Given the sector, the designers of the studios will be able to develop elegant and refined graphics.
    Grafica per etichette da birra

    Labels for beer bottles

    New horizons

    Labels designed for beer and moisture resistant. The beer market, especially the craft one, is a relatively new and constantly growing field. So you need strong ideas and impressive graphics to make the most of your bottles.
    Design etichette personalizzate

    Labels for cans and packages

    Dress up your products

    Ideal for the beverage and canning sector. Through the printing partners, LANGA designers develop original labels for creative packagings, capable of capturing consumer attention.
    Design etichette da vino

    Wine labels

    The nectar of the gods

    Sophisticated papers concerning their texture and finish, resistant to humidity and stains. A bottle of wine very often symbolizes the work of a lifetime. The creatives of the LANGA Studios will be able to create the right graphics to enhance their content.
    Design etichette personalizzate

    Ennobled labels

    For those who love details

    Hot stamping, braille paint, dry printing or embossing, screen printing and casting foil. For those who already love our graphics and want to enhance their features.