Posters and flyers.

Present or promote your events and activities.

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    Creation of eye-catching graphics for paper communication of products and events.

    We propose our ideas managing spaces at best, arranging the elements according to a hierarchy of size and location that guides the user in an immediate understanding of the contents.

    Authorial graphic designs for immediate paper communication on the small format. We don’t create just simple graphic projects, but real artworks that allow the customer to propose something unique and original to the outside world.

    We want to know the client’s communication needs in the best way to offer them the most suitable creative solution.

    People don't buy products and services, but relationships, stories and magic.

    Seth GodinEntrepreneur


    Discover our %DIGITAL package. Companies and small businesses have already chosen it. Within this package you will find the layout design and custom graphics for posters and flyers.

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    Find out what posters and flyers are for. Custom graphics and design for these two paper formats.

    Progettazione grafica per locandine


    One goal: informing.

    The poster is a very versatile print that can be informative, advertising or propaganda. The design of the poster follows the same operations as the placard, so it is also used in advertising billboards. We make creative and extravagant posters for any type of communication need.
    Grafiche per flyer


    Created to promote.

    The flyer or flyer is a limited edition publication consisting of a page printed on one or two sides. Its task is to inform quickly and incisively the use (who often comes into possession in a random way) of a specific type of event, product, or activity. Let the creative graphics of the LANGA studios come to life through a large list of printing partners.