The secret of the biggest multinationals’ logos

As a “face” of a company or an organization, the logo can tell the story of a brand and sometimes it can reveal some secrets, colors and fonts: nothing should be chosen at random. Choosing a visual image that reflects the values ​​appropriately can facilitate the recognition of the brand or product. What then hides behind the logos of the most famous brands?

Let’s start from the “A” of Amazon. The first company logo was composed of the letter “A” with a river or a road in the middle. Then the company’s activity was limited to the sale of books. Over the years, Amazon has become a world leader in electronic commerce, selling every type of product. The logo has become textual, showing how from the single “A” we can get to the “Z”, using an orange arrow.

The forbidden fruit, the discovery of Isaac Newton, the cover of the Beatles: the charm of the bitten apple lies in the many meanings that can be attributed to it. An explanation for the choice of the logo by Apple concerns the first version: the depiction of Newton. This logo was full of details and difficult to reproduce, so the bitten apple was born.

Among the famous logos that have undergone changes over time there is the Canon, which has associated its logo to the Buddhist deity “Kwannon”. The reference to the supremacy of divinity can be grasped in the mission that consists in “creating the best cameras in the world“.

The CocaCola logo has the flag of Denmark inside it, but it is hidden between “O” and “L”. The brand’s font has become a distinctive element of the brand, to the point of being connected to the product even when used in different contexts.

Among the famous logos there is also LG. The official version is that “the letters” L “and” G “symbolize the world, the future, youth, humanity and technology”. In fact, within the site, to proceed with the description of the logo and the brand identity of LG, words like ‘tomorrow’, ‘global’, ‘humanity’ and ‘energy’ are used.

sources: Insidemarketing