The first GoPro was a simple film camera

The GoPro ultra-compact cameras have helped launch the action cam sector all over the world, compact and durable devices designed for recording extreme sports and action scenes.

Now we know them as tiny parallelepipeds with multi-megapixel sensors, capable of taking snapshots and shooting movies on microsd cards for tens of gigabytes, yet the first model was far from what the iconic gadgets have become over the years: the first GoPro in fact was a very little futuristic 35mm film camera, assembled in China and extremely economical.

The history of the device has long been known, but in a video produced and published by Thirty Five Studio the gadget is shown in great detail in its operation, which in essence is that of any old low-end film camera, with the addition of a waterproof case and a fastening strap.

The first product ever imagined by the GoPro brand’s founder Nick Woodman was in fact a tear-off bracelet to permanently attach a camera to the wrist of those who intended to use it, so that it could be used in extreme sports such as surfing.

The success of the gadget was however conditioned by the availability of a camera compatible with the lace and the case designed and so, dissatisfied with the models present on the market, Woodman decided to entrust an assembly factory in China for the production.

After sending $ 5,000 to the supplier along with the specific requests, in 2004 the sale of the first GoPro began, made at the cost of three dollars each and sold for twenty. In the first year of marketing, Woodman raised about 140 thousand dollars, but it was at the launch of the first digital model in 2006 that the product’s potential became clear: that year the company’s revenues reached 800 thousand dollars, and the next reached 2.4 million.